Riding along on this wave The current is taking me out to sea Gripping for dear life Don’t know where it’s taking me As I balance on board I’m afraid but I’m so complete And undiscovered Keep me afloat Keep … Continue reading

Ah, many a sleepless night to write.

(Just a quick video I decided to put together with my free time. Enjoy.)


Baby, baby you don’t call me anymore
If you really know what’s good for you, come home
Even if I try to call, you don’t pick up
And my bleeding broken heart has had enough
The times I thought I knew you, I was wrong
It’s so silly how we played this game so long
Tried my best to make you feel like you belong
Turned around to see you smile, and you were gone
And every time I think about you, makes me wanna cry
I don’t even know just really why I try and try
All the love I have for you just makes me wanna change
I think about you every night, it’s driving me insane
I keep pretending some day, one day, you will be that guy
Expressing in my rhyming all the pain I try to hide
Emotions drawn on paper and the ink’s my cyanide
Just swallow your pride
You think you’re done, but you can’t even see where we started
You think you’re free, when you threw me away brokenhearted
Oh, it’s not enough to let me go, go,
It’s not enough to tell me no, no.
‘Cuz every time,
You and I,
Yeah we fight,
We survive,
We’ll be alright,
I still see the light,
Don’t throw it away…

Midnight Rain

Racing in the rain
My insane now became
The enemy of empathy
And heavenly things in my brain

Tight rope won’t hold and I’m falling off
The world hates me now and wants what I got
They all steal free meals and still take the lot
And even friends don’t blend in the melting pot

But you
Give me love, hope, peace
You’re the truth
And you can trust in me
We produce
Such intensity
You are what I need

Midnight rain come wash away
All my pain till it’s dawn again

It trickles, trickles down my skin
As I let you inside me
I open up my door
I want you more
Won’t you find me
Slowly see the world it spins
Light the way and just guide me
Black and white is so thin
And I already know that you’re feeling me now…

Midnight rain come wash away
All my pain till it’s dawn again